Inspired by my time travelling Europe, influenced by European art, culture and architecture, I endeavoured to bring a taste of my own European heritage to UTS. Bringing my two worlds together, I turned to European folk art and blended it with UTS architecture, surroundings and textures, combining a whimsical playfulness with rigid, geometric, industrial designs.

The structure of the UTS buildings in terms of the lines, forms and shapes present became the initial foundation for my designs. I took the aesthetic of each building, broke it down and rebuilt it.

I was heavily inspired by my travels through Italy, particularly in the Venetian towns of Murano and Burano. Blown away by the beauty of the vast array of colourful houses hugging the edges of the canals, I was determined to bring the life and zest of these idyllic houses through my own, folk inspired artwork. I really delved into an exploration of colour, brightness and vibrancy. I played with contrasting, harmonious and complimentary colours to produce geometrical and organic patterns that brought my illustrations to life.