The Great Depression of the 1930s saw the rise of two of the most notorious criminals there ever were. Outlaw Bonnie Parker teamed up with her lover, Clyde Burrow, travelled across the centre of the United States causing great terror and unrest. Robbing civilians and killing anyone who dared to confront them, they were a force of nature. Nothing could stand in their way.

Inspired by Bonnie Parker, this collection was designed to channel the outlaw lifestyle that Parker desperately pursued. An exploration of textile manipulation through the physical act of distressing to tell her story,

Simple, elegant and feminine silhouettes; designed to reflect the 1930s period. are married together with heavily manipulated and distressed textiles as a means of evoking the stressful, destructive and violent, path the duo had adopted.

Frayed and gathered details are a sign of ware and ruin. The accumulation of the crimes she had commit; now permanently attached to the clothes on her back.