Inspired by Goldsworthy’s installation Midsummer Snowballs, I endeavoured to look into this idea of transience in nature; from closing, enveloping and concealing, to unwrapping, melting, fading and revealing, translating it visually through my textiles and garments.

Visually, I drew on the physical melting of snow, peeling bark and unravelling cocoons to echo the process of change and the unveiling of elements of print underneath.





Inspired by Bonnie Parker, this collection was designed to channel the outlaw lifestyle that Parker desperately pursued. An exploration of textile manipulation through the physical act of distressing to tell her story,

Frayed and gathered details are a sign of ware and ruin. The accumulation of the crimes she had commit; now permanently attached to the clothes on her back. 

denim cut out.gif






Capo D’ Opera, or ‘masterpiece’, was inspired by the gothic cathedral in Milan, the Duomo di Milano.

To develop a mood I photographed the details and intricate details of the architectural design and develop a series of four stylised circles, then repeated and altered these throughout the piece. 

I used illustrator to develop my patterns for the laser cutting process. Taking photographs of my flat patterns, I uploaded them and traced them digitally. Once the pattern frames were created I was able to insert my design. 

Capo D’ Opera, or ‘masterpiece’, is a combination of digital swimwear prints inspired by my trip to Italy in July 2015.

I wanted to translate the beauty and harmony of the colours created as the light shone through the stained glass windows of the Milan cathedral.  I looked into patterns and motifs present in other worldwide art and architecture, particularly from Turkey and Morocco to develop my colour rich palette. 



Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 7.41.21 pm.png

I endeavoured to bring a taste of my own European heritage to UTS. Bringing my two worlds together, I turned to European folk art and blended it with UTS architecture, surroundings and textures, combining a whimsical playfulness with rigid, geometric, industrial designs.

The structure of the UTS buildings became the foundations. I took the aesthetic of each building, broke it down and rebuilt it.

Colour became the most integral part of this design; bright and vibrant. Playing with contrasting, harmonious and complimentary colours, I hand generated geometrical and organic patterns that brought my illustrations to life.