Skin; the means of concealing the layers that hide beneath. A barrier of protection that is beautiful in its own natural state.

‘Skin for Skin’ is an exploration of the physical and metaphorical nature of skin. A visual representation of how it wraps its natural ‘body’, enveloping it within its own confines and guarding it from physical deterioration.

But what happens when this barrier begins to crack, break and eventually peel away from its source? What can be uncovered within the layers beneath and what are we left with when the skin is finally shed from its body?

This process of cracking, shedding and peeling away is being explored throughout this collection; utilising deconstructed drape, in relation to the human form.

These evolving three-dimensional garment forms are created using tactile textile surfaces that have gone through a process of surface construction and deconstruction, evoking the changes of surfaces in our surrounding world.


Melting ice of the Gokyo Lakes

Himalayas, c. 2014


Elephant at Chitwan Nation Park

Kathmandu, c. 2014


Colour Palette Inspiration

Rock colour variations

Tasmania, c. 2011


Peeling Bark, Revealing New Layers Underneath

Tasmania, c. 2011