Capo D’ Opera, or ‘masterpiece’, is a combination of digital swimwear prints inspired by my trip to Italy in July 2015.

Taken aback by the beautiful Italian architecture and drew particular inspiration from the gothic cathedral in Milan, the Duomo di Milano.
I was heavily influenced by the nine gigantic stained glass windows present within the walls of the breath- taking cathedral. From these windows I was able to develop a central colour palette of blue, red, orange and yellow that feature in various tones throughout my print series.

I wanted to translate the beauty and harmony of the colours created as the light shone through the stained glass windows of the Milan cathedral. To understand the balance of colour, I looked into patterns and motifs present in other worldwide art and architecture, particularly from Turkey and Morocco. I studied the colour configuration, both contrasting and harmonious, and how each tone allowed each detail and motif stand out and shine. I drew on this process to help inspire the colour distribution in the artworks, motifs and backgrounds of my own swimwear print.