British landscape artist Andy Goldsworthy explores the idea of installing art within natural space. Collaborating with natural materials, he creates his work teetering them on the edge of their collapse . A surreal, and beautiful piece mirroring the effects of growth, time and change. It is this theme of the ephemeral qualities of nature and the notion of wrapping and unwrapping, concealing and revealing that has led this collection.

Inspired by Goldsworthy’s installation Midsummer Snowballs, 2000. A series of thirteen enormous snowballs which Goldsworthy had unloaded from refrigerated trucks onto the streets of London, with a fourteenth displayed in the Curve Gallery in the Barbican Centre. The snowballs were formed in the Scottish mountains, with natural materials including river pebbles, ears of barley and feathers hidden inside the massive ball of snow and ice. Left in the streets of London to melt, the snow and ice faded away, slowly revealing what is hidden inside. This work beautifully encapsulates the energy of life owing through nature and its delicate and ephemeral qualities.

I endeavoured to look into this idea of transience in nature; from closing, enveloping and concealing, to unwrapping, melting, fading and revealing, translating it visually through my textiles and garments.

Visually, I drew on the physical melting of snow, peeling bark and unravelling cocoons to echo the process of change and the unveiling of elements of print underneath.